Welcome to Centro PyME-ADENEU, the Small & Medium Business Development Center in Neuquen with more than 20 years.

Our goal is to promote the set up and growth of SMEs by facilitating their access to tools that allow them to increase their competitiveness, optimize their management and consolidate their projects through personalized services.

We provide professional assistance on several topics such as training, financing and technical advice, continuous improvement and new projects.

We also work to create a more connected and colaborative enviroment between the companies, the public sector, universities, Non-Governmental Organisations and other local institutions.

We also design and implement specific programs for industrial, agricultural, livestock, commercial and service economic-productive sectors and activities throughout the province of Neuquén. Neuquén production stands out for apples, pears, cherries, nuts, and wines among others.

Neuquén has began to play an important role in the cherries fresh market forster by the latest agreements reached with China. Centro PyME-ADENEU with the Integrated Producers Argentinean Cherries Association (CAPCI) has organized direct flights from Neuquén International Airport to the main markets.

Regarding with the shale oil&gas development we work to promote and shrink distance between local companies and abroad main interests.

Since 2015, the Centro PyME-ADENEU organizes trade missions to Houston for the Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) with activities such as business rounds, cocktails and networking events.